David ( edit )

On the Village Wisdom Team, David Miller is our Story Master. David guides the team in strategizing and implementing story capture and story sharing of Village Wisdom partners. 

James and Olivia ( edit )

Kiwuwa Achievement’s founder and Co-Director James Kiwuwa, together with his wife and Co-Director Olivia Mukabera Kiwuwa, provide volunteer opportunities at several locations in Uganda. James’ roles include speaking, presentations, program development, and liaison between program participants in Uganda and the US. Olivia’s roles include project development in Uganda, correspondence with all host country national participants, and logistics for the trip.



Founded by Kikundi Nelson, Pride of Rwenzori Wagner Memorial School is a community school that serves as an inclusion start from Nursery to Primary and is Mixed Day and Boarding. They wish to add on a vocational training program in the futures. 



Born near Lake Victoria in Uganda, Kinobe is a gifted Ugandan multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and philanthropist known for his inspired synthesis of African roots and global fusion. He headlined the team’s first fundraiser with a concert in Asheville. Kinobe performs globally and has particular interest in bringing peace and harmony through music.