Month: June 2016

Countdown for Departure

Village Wisdom team             IMG_5506

Two weeks from today, we will have arrived in Kampala, and will be acclimating to a different time and culture. Our long planned trip to Uganda is finally upon us and our daily thoughts are consumed with the logistics of international travel. As is usual and quite normal for global trips, the village wisdom team has been busy planning our itinerary – what we will do, who we will meet, what our goals and objectives are…We are American travelers with embedded cultural values and behaviors that we are sometimes and other times not cognizant of.


I pray that over the next two weeks we will shift our focus from doing to being; from planning to experiencing; from talking to listening; and from explicit to implicit motivation and learning. Our approach to cross-cultural work and relationships is key to the sustainability of both.

We welcome your thoughts and inquiries about this initial Village Wisdom Venture. Thank you for your interest!